Self Watering Planter Pots – SIP

Covid-19 has taught us all a thing or two about health, wellness & our carbon footprint.

Growing your own organic stuff is universally applauded as it embraces all the above. That is why so many delight friends and family with a gift of healthy looking greenery that will brighten up any home.

However, there lurk amongst us plant assassins who either over or under water anything in a pot. Not everyone has a green thumb nor the inclination to morph into a horticulturist. There are just too many distractions in life for many of us to devote too much time and effort to keep those plants alive.

Ta-da……enter the SIP (sub-irrigated planter).


The concept


SIP has been around for a very long time and a perfect example of KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. The basics are:-

1) A watertight container.
2) A reservoir of water at the bottom of the container.
3) A pipe to top up the reservoir.
4) An overflow pipe.
5) Good soil to fill up the container with emphasis on “good” – that means nutrients & wicking properties.

The fundamental principle is for the water at the bottom (a mini aquifer) to make contact with the soil that wicks up to the root zone i.e. sub-irrigated. Therefore, because a picture is more than a thousand words…..



The benefits


1) Exceptionally water-wise due to minimal evaporation.
2) Soil nutrients contained and not flushed away.
3) Overflow pipe prevents over or under watering and allows aeration of the soil.
4) Encourages deep root system for healthy, disease-resistant plants.
5) Plants perfectly watered for up to two weeks.

 Free local delivery. From R999 pre-planted with seasonal herbs & salads. Waist-high stands available.


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